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NgSurvey Documentation

NgSurvey Core

Topics on NgSurvey core features

Survey Creation

Learn more about how to create and manage surveys using built-in survey form builder, rules engine and managing questions on multiple pages

Responding to Surveys

This documentation covers the on how to take your survey online and capture responses from the users and how to show surveys from front-end.

Reports Engine

Understand more about the built-in reporting features and get the detailed information about your users and the responses details.


We take you through detailed steps on how to configure important steps before you start building and publishing your surveys.


This documentation covers the topics related to the customization of NgSurvey look and feel, features and extend with plugins.

Developer Documentation

Learn more about how to extend the NgSurvey features using built-in hooks, how to develop NgSurvey extensions and question types.

NgSurvey Extensions

NgSurvey official extensions documentation


Learn more about how to build and send survey campaigns to contacts using Campaigns plugin.

Front-end Management

Know more about how to enable front-end survey management functionality to allow all users create surveys.


Know more about how to configure the automated emails to invite users to take surveys.

CSV Downloads

Configure the CSV downloads plugin to download all user responses in a CSV File.

MaxMind GeoIP Location

Know more about how to configure the geoip plugin to detect the user location and use it in reports.


Setup reCAPTCHA plugin to avoid spam responses on your public surveys and allow only genuine responses.