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NgSurvey Front-end Management

Manage your surveys from your front-end site and give access to your front-end users to manage their own surveys. Front-end management adds the ability to create and manage surveys without needing admin dashboard access.

Core Features

  • Separate access level for the front-end survey authors
  • Listing page to show all the surveys owned by the logged in user
  • Edit questions and view reports without leaving the page
  • Assign “Survey Author” permission to any user from the WordPress users page

Front-end Survey Authoring

Do you have many users who need to manage your surveys? Don’t want to give access to your site admin dashboard? NgSurvey Front-end Management plugin can help you with that. Without needing complex ACLs or hacks, this plugin can add the front-end survey authoring feature automatically in two steps.

  1. Add the short code in any page or WordPress post
  2. Enable “Survey Author” permission to the desired users in the WordPress users page

Access Protected

Users can manage their own surveys and are restricted from accessing other user’s surveys. This makes it a perfect fit for multiple survey author self-service environments. Users can view the complete range of reports that are available in the admin dashboard although specific to their own surveys. The plugin adds a new capability “Survey Author” to your site and provides a quick link to add the capability to any user within the WordPress users listing page in your admin dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to show the front-end management module to the users?

Simply create a page/post and add the shortcode [ngsurvey-frontend] to your page. Learn more about adding shortcodes to your WordPress pages and posts.

How to allow the users to create and manage surveys from front-end?

Go to the Users page on your WordPress site dashboard and click on the Add Permission link shown on the user row.

How to add new surveys from front-end?

When the user has proper permissions, Add New button will be shown on the page where the ngsurvey-frontend shortcode is added. Users can click on it to start creating surveys.