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NgSurvey Campaigns

NgSurvey Campaigns is a contacts building and survey invitations plugin. Create unlimited lists and add your contacts. Build and send beautiful emails in seconds.

Core features

  • Supports creating unlimited contact groups
  • Import unlimited contacts into your account
  • Assign contacts to multiple contact groups
  • Import contacts using CSV file
  • Creation of emails using visual email builder
  • Shows realtime status of the invitations
  • Resend the pending invitations
  • Supports unlimited custom placeholders
  • Custom email/smtp server support
  • Sending mails in a schedule job/queue

Contact Groups

Contact Groups are the core part of the Campaigns plugin. Contact groups house the required contacts. The survey invitations can be sent to each contact group and the invitations will be sent to all the contacts within the group. Contact groups are maintained at the user account level. So if you have multiple users managing your site, every user can have their own contacts and contact groups.

Multiple contacts can be imported to your account by either manually entering names and email addresses or by importing a CSV file in the desired format. Once the contacts are imported, you can assign the contacts to multiple contact groups, the same contact can be assigned to many contact groups as well.

Campaign Form

Building campaigns is made easier with the built-in visual email builder and several ready-to-use email templates. Choose a template, make changes as per your liking, preview and send it to your contact groups. If you would like to check how the email looks on a real email client, you can send a test email to any email address before the actual campaign.

The invitations once sent, will be added to the queue. The emails will be sent using a cronjob. This helps you comply with any limitations that your WebHost/SMTP server put in place. Campaign status can be tracked on the invitations page. The real-time status of whether the user started or completed the survey will be shown for each response.

Custom Placeholders

NgSurvey Campaigns has built-in support for custom placeholders. Placeholders are the custom dynamic fields that you can add to your emails. For example, you can create a custom placeholder for your company name and add it to all your email campaigns by simply adding the placeholder shortcode. You can create unlimited custom placeholders and add the shortcodes in your emails.

Besides the custom placeholders, NgSurvey has few dynamic fields such as user name, survey URL, site name, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Campaigns to send newsletters?

Although the functionality of the plugin looks similar to the newsletter plugins, it is not intended for that. The campaigns plugin is developed with surveys in mind and is best suited for sending survey invitations. It does not have all those bells and whistles typically found on newsletters plugins.

How can I import contacts and contact groups?

You can create unlimited contact groups from the plugin dashboard. The contacts can be created directly from the admin dashboard or can be imported from a CSV file.

Can I use my own email templates for composing survey emails?

Sure. Drop in your HTML email template in the folder yourthemefolder/ngsurvey/campaigns/ and the plugin will automatically detect it.

How can I edit the survey email template before sending my survey?

While creating your campaign, you can select your email template and edit it with the built-in email template editor.

How can I add the survey link in my email templates?

Just add {SURVEY_URL} in your email content to add the survey URL. If you want to add it as a clickable link, add it to the HREF attribute of your HTML hyperlink.